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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

Tuesday 26 September 2017


3:00pm The Antidote by Cathy Sloan


3:45pm On The Floor – The Living Analysis Of Musical Theatre Applied To The Integrated Musical by Sally Rapier


4:45pm Greek Landscapes Turned Into Sound: Antoniou’s Composition Aquarelle For Solo Piano by Konstantinos Destounis


5:30pm Woman Performing Blind by Amelia Cavallo


6:15pm The Antidote by Cathy Sloan


7:00pm Madame de la Carliere by Dr. Kiki Selioni   


Wednesday 27 September 2017


2:45pm Talk (Workshop) by Nando Messias


4:00pm Negotiating Practice Research: A Panel Discussion Featuring Karen Christopher, Dr. Simon Bayly, Dr. Kate Elswit


6:30pm Oedipus Rex by Dr. Kiki Selioni


Thursday 28 September 2017


2:15pm Folded Into Speech by Karoline Moen

3:00pm Folded Into Speech by Karoline Moen

3:45pm My Musicking Practice I: Landscape – Soundscape by Chi Ying Gigi LAM

4:15pm Folded Into Speech by Karoline Moen

5:00pm Folded Into Speech by Karoline Moen

5:45pm Folded Into Speech by Karoline Moen


6:15pm My Musicking Practice I: Landscape – Soundscape by Chi Ying Gigi LAM


7:00pm Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy (excerpt of work-in-progress) by Nando Messias


8:00pm Collisions Closing Event  hosted by Meth and Joe Parslow

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