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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

Madame de la Carliere  

Dr. Kiki Selioni  

Tuesday 26th September, 7pm

Photo Credit: Kiki Selioni

The presentation of Denis Diderot’s work Madame de la Carliere is an edgy satire of the bourgeois class of the 18th century with obvious references to modern-day reality. It takes place in a living room of the times and discusses the consequences of the public criticism of the private life of a couple.


Following the presentation, a 30 minute lecture-discussion will take place about the Laban’s systematic analysis of movement as application to the art of acting and it is part of the postdoctoral research of Dr Kiki Selioni at RCSSD.


Director/Acting Coach: Dr Kiki Selioni


Costume and Lighting design: Evdokia Veropoulou


Players:Galatis Nikias, Gkanatsiou Ioanna, Goudeli Santy, Deligianni Eva, Koutantou Efi, Kytidis Vasilis, Pantazis Panagiotis, Sachas Panagiotis, Spyridakou Sapfo,Tsirita Argiro, Psychramis Alexandros.

Oedipus Rex

Dr. Kiki Selioni  

Wednesday 27th September, 6:30pm

Photo Credit: Panagiotis Maidis

The performance Oedipus Rex is the result of the collaboration between the international director T. Moudatsakis and Dr Kiki Selioni’s research Biophysical Acting. Pr. Tilemachos Moudatsakis invited three actors from Dr. Selioni group of research to play the leading roles of Oedipus (Alexandros Psychramis), Creon (Panagiotis Pantazis) and Iocasta (Argiro Tsirita) alongside with the actors of Theatre Vivi: Hephaestion Vaxevaneris, Petros Tsapaliaris, Chris Baltas. This performance was premiered in Paris, presented in Athens and it is invited to perform in St. Petersburg, Broadway. The performance is part of the postdoctoral research of Dr Kiki Selioni at RCSSD.


A Power Point with English subtitles to be projected during the performance


Director: Tilemachos Moudatsakis


Acting Coach: Dr Kiki Selioni


Costume/Lighting Designer: Evdokia Veropoulou


Music: Hephaestion Vaxevaneris


Movement director: Panagiotis Pantazis



Oedipus: Alexandros Psychramis

Creon:  Panagiotis Pantazis

Iocasta: Argiro Tsirita

Tiresias / Headsman: Hephaestion Vaxevaneris

Messenger from Corinth:: Petros Tsapaliaris

Palace Messenger: Chris Baltas


*The performance Oedipus Rex is funded by:

  • Greek Ministry of Culture

  • Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

  • Drama School ‘Mary Vogiatzi-Traga'

Dr Kiki Selioni is a movement teacher and acting coach in various Drama Schools and Institutions internationally. She has completed her studies in Dance Theatre at the Laban in London (BA and MA, City University. She holds a doctorate in Movement Training for Actors and in Acting (RCSSD). She is currently Affiliate Research Fellow at RCSSD in a post-doc research project (The British Acting School: Biophysical Acting) regarding a complete acting method based on Laban’s work and Aristotle’s theory.

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