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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017


Throughout the Festival

Please Ask at the Box Office for more details

Unteaching Counter-Meditation

Lior Lerman

Firstly, one must perceive the truth that all art is religious. Secondly, one must acknowledge that all artefacts of any kind are art. Every text is a liturgical manual, every image - a mandala, every gadget - a rosary, every youtube clip - a sadhana, every binge watching session – a haphazard sacrament. Any content whatsoever is liable transform one into an unwitting initiate, an incidental devotee.

This much is common knowledge, but wherein lies your spiritual practice and your faith?

This display presents selected images from a Youtube channel currently under construction. This channel is devoted to the practice of Unteachng Counter Meditation – a media mindfulness method for digital wayfarers ~ based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare. 

Please Ask at the Box Office for more details

Museum of the Sissy

Nando Messias

A curiosity cabinet for the genuine and the phenomenal, displaying archive of Nando Messias’ decade-long Sissy trilogy. The Museum sits alongside the sharing of Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy and reflects on personal archive, memory, death and rebirth. At its core, the Museum is also an attempt to create and invent a new space—where none existed before—to remember and celebrate specific queer histories. The Museum of the Sissy will tour around the UK in 2018/2019, culminating in a live ritual where the whole archive will be destroyed. See it before it disappears forever!

Please Ask at the Box Office for more details

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