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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama is at the forefront of Practice Research in performance. COLLISIONS is the annual event that showcases our thriving Practice Research community, specifically allowing research degrees students and creative fellows to collectively engage with what it means to be researching through practice and to share this with a wider academic and public audience.

“Collisions” refers to the collision of disciplines, methodologies, ideas and practices. It provides a platform for experimentation and exploration, with the practice shared likely to be processual, interrogative and exploratory, rather than highly polished and produced.

Through showing the work in this context – in momentarily opening up both creative and research processes to public scrutiny – we hope COLLISIONS acts as a fertile environment in which to exchange ideas. Through exhibiting our practice, we want to provoke and incite dialogue, so please check out our programme of events, come along and get involved.

All Collisions events take place at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London NW3 3HY. To Book your tickets, please go to the programme pages of the events that you want to attend, and press the booking button.

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