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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

My Musicking Practice I: Landscape – Soundscape

Chi Ying Gigi LAM

Thursday 28th September, 3:45pm & 6:15pm

Photo Credit: Edward Lun

In this presentation, Lam will share about her practice of music making in her hometown during summer. Who can make music?  Local communities, classical trained musicians and educators were invited to participate in this exercise. They listen to the world (Landscape) and make meaning of it( Soundscape) . Sharing and conversations are encouraged during music making practices.

What would happen if this exercise brought into your “daily lives”? Items found in the city during practice will also exhibit during the presentation. Take the opportunity to see if you would like to bring anything home while you enjoy the presentation.

My Research:

The full study is to examine the experiences of musicians who involved themselves in community music practices in Hong Kong. Through engaging in dialogues with musicians who involved in these practices, my aim is to describe the unique community music scene in Hong Kong and provide insight into how this in turn to shape the local music development. Through engaging in the “My Musicking Practice” project, researcher put her working definition of community music into practice and get the general interpretation of the local communities.

Gigi Chiying Lam is a Hong Kong born community music facilitator based in London. She holds a MA in music education and bachelor of education (honors) from The Education University of Hong Kong. She specializes in creative and inclusive music making with a variety of instruments including traditional Chinese Instruments. She is currently focus on researching community music scene development in Hong Kong and actively developing new projects with various organizations and charities.

'Musicking is music as activity rather than music is as an object.' 

Small, 1998

Photo Credit: Edward Lun

Photo Credit: Edward Lun

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