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26-28 SEPTEMBER 2017

Collisions Closing Event hosted by Meth and Joe Parslow

Thursday 28th September, 8:00pm

Join all of the Collisions participants for a round up of the festival, hosted by International Superstar Drag Clown, Meth, and PhD Candidate Joe Parslow (sometimes know as #BoyfriendJoe). Take this opportunity to mingle, speak to the participants and one another, and enjoy a glass of wine.


Meth and Joe will be interrupting your evening to respond to the question “What is a practice?” as Meth performs and Joe tries to find out about the practice of drag, how drag might be practiced, as well as something that is practiced, and often practiced on stage. Furthermore, they will begin to explore how their work as co-owners of queer bar Her Upstairs, as researcher and researched, and as partners (in all the complex, contingent, polyphonic and euphemistic ways that term might function), they will explore how their relationship(s) might be practiced on and off stage.


Wine and food will be available throughout.

Joe Parslow is a PhD Candidate at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a lecturer teaching across the fields of drama, theatre and performance. Their research focuses around drag performance, and the potential ways in which queer communities can and do emerge in contemporary London, particularly around performance. Alongside their research, Joe is the co-Director of queer bar, performance and cabaret space Her Upstairs and queer club space Them Downstairs in Camden, London, which house performance events from across the drag, queer and cabaret performance scene in London and beyond.

With a look reminiscent of a clown on acid going to the met gala, Meth has earned an infamous reputation around the world for her bizarre and beautiful spin on drag. Having performed across Europe (Berlin, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Zagreb) and America (New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Austin, LA) and calling London her home Meth has stormed the international drag and cabaret scene in a relentless revolutionary charge of strange and seductive extravagance. In 2016, alongside his partner #BoyfriendJoe and close friend George Anthony, Meth opened her own queer cabaret bar Her Upstairs in Camden. In just 6 months of opening they expanded the business and opened queer club space Them Downstairs. These spaces have rapidly become a staple in London Queer Nightlife. Proudly providing a safe space and home to the LGBTQ+ community.

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